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Chapter Meeting Agenda Templates

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Chapter Meeting Agenda Templates
by Admin User - Thursday, 30 November 2017, 2:31 PM

Many chapters have asked for templates to help them prepare and print weekly meeting agendas and rosters. We have designed three templates in MS Word to make them easier to edit and update for the masses – sorry designers, not everyone has access to Adobe InDesign.

  • The SMALL size is designed for 8.5x11 and is ideal for chapters under 30 members.
  • The MEDIUM size is designed for 8.5x14 and is ideal for chapters under 40 members.
  • The LARGE size is designed for 11x17 and is ideal for chapters under 60 members.

Here are a couple tips when customizing:

  • Once customized with your chapter's day, time, location and roster, weekly updated should be minimal.
  • Chapter rosters should be alphabetized by first name to enhance the visitor experience.
  • If your chapter has a sub list, do not print it on this document. We want to focus our marketing efforts on the members who are committed to our group.
  • Keep your document clean and professional and please honor the BNI branding guidelines.

We hope these templates help you enhance your meeting.